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Working in New Zealand

New Zealand is renowned for its dramatic scenery and island culture. Kiwi’s (as the people are colloquially called) are known for being some of the most welcoming and friendly people anywhere.

New Zealand is made up of up two Islands, the North and the South. The North is where the parliament (Wellington) and the largest city (Auckland) live; the south is the home to one of the world’s most well regarded wine regions (the Marlborough) and the adventure town of Queenstown.

Visas are needed to gain working rights in New Zealand. For medical practitioners, short and long stay working visas are able to be applied for. The MCNZ is the regulatory body that governs the registration process for doctors in New Zealand.


The Medical Council of New Zealand  - http://www.mcnz.org.nz

The MCNZ is responsible for the registration and the processing of all application for doctors wanting to work in New Zealand.

They have 2 types of registration, Vocational Registration for the specialist level doctors and General Registration for the non specialist. There are provisional scopes and also a Locum pathway for short term registration.

The MCNZ works with the specialist colleges where applicable, to manage the assessment of overseas specialist training.

Here are some interesting facts about New Zealand:

• The Maori people are the original inhabitants of the land who arrived reportedly between 800 and 1300. Maori culture remains a massive influence on the lives of people in New Zealand.

• The All Blacks are the world most feared rugby team, and have a special dance to set down a challenge to their opponents, the dance is called the HAKA.

• It would not be right to leave out sheep when talking about NZ facts. New Zealand has a human population of roughly 4 million; it has a sheep population of nearly 36 million!!

• Given the small population, New Zealand have seen their fair share of famous people, these include the actor Russell Crowe, Sir Edmund Hillary (first Everest climb) and of course Peter Jackson the director of the Lord of the Rings.