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Working in Australia

Australia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and welcoming counties on the planet; warm climate, miles of gorgeous coastline, rolling hinterlands, sandy beaches and not to forget the Aussie spirit that resonates throughout this great southern land.

Moving here from overseas can be a daunting task, but career medical are here to help with that process. Australia is a nation built on migrant immigration, and we are very proud of the diverse and varied cultures that exist here.

To work in Australia, the most important thing is ensuring you have a suitable visa (the most common for medical practitioners is the 457 subclass). As a medical practitioner, you also need to have suitable industry; college and medical board registrations. Finally you will need to get bank account, tax file number and superannuation (pension) accounts set up......Career Medical Recruitment will help with this process.

The AMC - http://www.amc.org.au

The AMC is the Australian Medical Council and they basically ensure a doctor is credentialed and eligible to work in Australia. The AMC work closely with the ECFMG in the United States to complete primary source verification of a doctor. You can also apply to the AMC for a certificate of Advanced Standing, should they be looking for General Registration, and they also manage the AMC MCQ / Clinical examinations.

The Specialist Colleges

If you are a consultant level doctor (staff Specialist) and trained overseas, you will need assessment by the college in order to gain your fellowship, these include: FRACP, FRACS, FRANZCP, FRANZCOG, FRANZCR, FANZCA, FACEM. There a a couple of assessment pathways, one being specialist assessment and the other being Area of Need. Your Career Medical Recruitment Consultant will advise on your best options. An interview (sometimes in person), a lengthy paper based assessment and a clinical supervision period (sometimes culminating in a college exam) will be required for all specialist level doctors.

If you are a GP, then things are a little different, UK MRCGP doctors are granted fellowships through comparability of the CCT training, so please consult your Career Medical Recruitment Consultant about your options regarding General Practice Jobs.

AHPRA - http://www.ahpra.gov.au

AHPRA is the Australia Health Professional Registration Board, and manage all the yearly medical registrations across all clinical areas. Applications will need to be made once a registration pathway has been confirmed through either the College or AMC.


Here are some interesting facts about Australia:

• The most famous Australian is a criminal (fitting given our heritage) named Edward Kelly. Ned was brought to justice in 1880 and his famous last words were ‘such is life…’

• Australia is the driest inhabited continent on the planet, yet our own ‘snowy mountain’ in NSW receives more snow each year than the Alps.

• Australia has a single cattle station, called Anna Creek Station in South Australia that measures over 34,000 square kilometres - the same size as Belgium and Holland put together.

• One of the greatest mysteries to ever remain unsolved involves the 1967 disappearance of our then prime minster Harold Holt. He went for swim at a local beach and completely vanished. If you ever want to leave a party in Australia without saying good bye to the hosts, it’s called doing the ‘Harold Holt’