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Working as a Locum

Locum doctors made up approximate one-third of the total medical workforce in 2014 in Australia. Working as a doctor in locum jobs opens up a wide range of opportunities which allows the doctor to experience various lifestyles and cultures in different locations; it is generally described for any work undertaken with a short-term nature, with higher than standard pay rates.

Why Career Medical Recruitment?

Career Medical Recruitment is a specialist locum medical recruitment agency. We value the relationship we have in place with our doctors highly. While striving to offer the most competitive rates across both Australia and New Zealand, where possible any extra margin we find is always passed onto the doctor.

The Career Medical Recruitment Difference – Earn More on Every Assignment!

In order to maximise the earning capacity for each of our locum doctors, we offer a salary packaging service that allows for each locum to maximise tax effectively on each dollar earned on their locum assignments with Career Medical.  For example a Specialist Locum Physician earning $2000 per day:


Paid by Career Medical Recruitment                           Paid by other agencies

Gross Payment                            $10,000.00                 Gross Payment                              $10,000.00

Salary packaging benefit            $2,135.00                   Deduct Superannuation 9.50%    $867.58

Deduct Superannuation 9.50%  $595.59

Gross Taxable Salary                  $6,269.41                    Taxable Salary                               $9,132.42

Income Tax Payable                    $2,495.00                    Income Tax Payable                     $3,898.00

Net Salary                                      $3,774.41


Take Home Pay                           $ 5,909.41                     Take Home Pay                          $5,234.42

For instance, under our salary packaging structure, the take home pay with packaging earns $674.99 AUD more than a payment without packaging on the same assignment; so the difference can really add up. Why work for less???

Career Medical Recruitment Locums

Career Medical Recruitment is looking to speak to all doctors interested in earning more and making their locum income go further. We have hospital based Registrar locum vacancies and Staff Specialist locum vacancies across Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and The Northern territories.  We also have GP and Radiologist locum vacancies across NSW, WA, NT, QLD and VIC.