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Career Medical Recruitment Services

Career medical recruitment is much more than a placement business. We offer our clients a number of services that complement the recruitment process. Career medical is part of a wider group of businesses that belong to the Curran and Associates brand.


Career medical is primarily a recruitment business and this is the cornerstone of our service offering. We work on contingent and search based assignments. Our value add lies in our ability to run search assignments globally. We have research and sourcing capabilities based out of Asia, along with a vast network of contacts across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Our recruitment services include our ability to run:

Volume based international and local recruitment projects.
Whether you need 10 Nurses for a start in 6 months, or 3 Registrars for next week

Contingent recruitment.
As we work in a candidate driven market, most of the contingent recruitment will be as a result of reverse marketing. We will keep you updated on all the best doctors available, as they become available.

Search assignments.
Through our research and sourcing network we are able to run national and international search assignments on all levels of medical recruitment. We specialise in positions such as Director of Medical Services, Director of Clinical Services, Director of Nursing, Hospital CEO and EO.


Career medical offers consultancy services to clients wishing to leverage from our knowledge and expertise in the area of medical recruitment. We are able to offer on site or remote consultancy solutions, tailored to meet the clients individual needs.

Clients can benefit from advice in areas such as:

Medical recruitment process and procedure

Medical registration process and procedure

Employee training and up skilling in the different facets of medical recruitment

Supplier audit preparation



Career medical can instantly add value to any internal recruitment process through our outsourced services division. We have a capability to manage both front and back end processes of the recruitment cycle, through the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) arm of career medical. Our processing team can offer clients the chance to break down the costs involved in medical recruitment by taking on certain aspects of the front end service, such as sourcing, pre-screening, shortlisting and reference checking. At the back end we can manage the medical registrations, compliance and visas. Finally we have partners affiliated to our business that offer expert advice and assistance in the area of migration law.

Our Recruitment Processing Team can:

Manage volume screening processes for hospitals that are looking to reduce costs at the front end of the recruitment process

Deliver clients a group of candidates that have been sourced, pre screened, referenced and shortlisted as per specifications

Manage the registration process of an overseas trained doctor that a hospital / practice has already employed

Advise doctors on the best route to medical registration in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Advise on the best way to become a sponsor (Australia only)