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General Surgery Jobs In Australia

The demand for General Surgeon jobs in Australia is always high across all regions.  Over the past years, substantial investment from the government has ensured that facilities and technology remain cutting edge. With an increasing interest from Surgeons around the world, Australia has firmly been recognized as an area at the forefront of the surgical world.

As the main authority in the field, the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons is a non-profit organisation training surgeons and maintaining surgical standards in Australia and New Zealand with FRACS standing. The College’s purpose is to be the unifying force for surgery in Australia and New Zealand, with FRACS (Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) standing for excellence in surgical care. The RACS often view other international qualifications as acceptable and may allow you to work on a certain level in Australia, including FRCS from UK/Ireland, Certificate of the American Board of Surgery from the States and other qualifications may be assessed case by case.

Basic remuneration figures for a General Surgeon Staff Specialist can range between $300,000 and $450,000 per annum, depending on experience and the size of the service. Private or VMO surgeons can earn substantially more.

What can we do to help you?

Career Medical Recruitment helps place surgeons into all levels within Surgery Departments in Australia and New Zealand. Positions including:

In Australia

PHO (Principal House Officer), Registrar, CMO (Career Medical Officer), SMO (Senior Medical Officer) and Consultants (Staff Specialists or FRACS)

In New Zealand

Registrars, MOSS (Medical Officer Specialist Scale) and Consultants (FRACS)

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