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General Internal Medicine Jobs In Australia

Internal Medicine is one of the broadest medical specialities; Australia is renowned for being at the leading edge of technological development in Internal Medicine.

Career Medical Recruitment can offer General Physician jobs in various locations in Australia including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania. In addition, vacancies are also available for General Internal Medicine Physicians in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington in New Zealand.

As the main authorizing body in Australia, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) is responsible for the training and assessment of doctors who have completed their medical degree and an internship at a hospital. More specifically, the training entails 3 years basic internal medicine plus 3 years advanced sub-speciality training.

Also other societies that are welcome for joining such as IMSANZ, since its inception in 1997, it has expended considerable effort in defining and publicising the role and attributes of the general physician, and acting as advocate for specialist practitioners of GIM within both government and college circles.

In Australia salaries for physician and internal medicine doctor vary. General total remuneration for physicians range from $300,000 to approximately $600,000 in a private hospital environment (this can vary depending on workload and practice size) or $250,000 to $400,000 in a public hospital Medicine department.

Besides both locum and permanent contracts, Career Medical Recruitment helps place physicians/ internal medicine doctors into all levels within Medicine Departments, positions including:

In Australia

PHO (Principal House Officer), Registrar, CMO (Career Medical Officer), SMO (Senior Medical Officer) and Consultant Physician (Staff Specialists or FRACP)

In New Zealand

Registrars, MOSS (Medical Officer Specialist Scale) and Consultants (FRACP)

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