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Emergency Medicine Jobs in Australia

Emergency Medicine has been chosen by an increasing number of trainees and registrars as a profession since being recognised in 1993.  The specialty requires a time critical factor while offering the full width of clinical possibilities. As a high demanding speciality in Australia and New Zealand, Career Medical Recruitment offers a host of emergency medicine positions across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in Australia; and Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington in New Zealand, with availability in both private and public hospitals.

Worth noting, the grading of Emergency Medicine doctors in Australia is similar to the UK and USA, however, the positions are titled a little differently in New Zealand:

In Australia

SHO (Senior House Officer) PHO (Principal House Officer) and Registrar, CMO (Career Medical Officer), SMO (Senior Medical Officer) and Consultants (Staff Specialists or FACEM)  

In New Zealand

House Officers, Registrars, MOSS (Medical Officer Specialist Scale) and Consultants (FACEM)


As a locum Emergency doctor in Australia or New Zealand, you can expect to earn between $1000 per shift (junior doctor) up to $2000 per shift (FACEM or SMO). You can also expect flights and accommodation to be included.

Generally speaking, permanent positions on the other hand will be offered remuneration slightly less, however you can still expect excellent remuneration ranging from $120,000 as a trainee, through to $400,000 as a Staff Specialist FACEM – Fellow of the College of Emergency Medicine.


Question: I’m an overseas trained emergency medicine specialist, can I work in Australia or New Zealand? How can I verify?

Not every country has specialised training in Emergency Medicine. In Australia and New Zealand, specialists must have completed a training program in EM in order to be considered for specialist assessment. As the main authorized body of Emergency Medicine across ANZ region, The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) have a fast track process for substantially comparable doctors (UK mainly), all doctors are required to sit for interview. They do not run concurrent assessment thus they need to submit 2 applications should the doctor wish to apply for an AON post and for specialist assessment.

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