Visa Options of Doctors Applying for GP jobs in Australia

Are you a doctor with the dream of shifting base to Australia and working with some of the prestigious hospitals in the country?

Then it is the right time to be here as they have got the best healthcare systems globally. Due to this reason there are a lot many medical professionals who are migrating from overseas to pursue their careers here. So, one can easily find GP jobs in Australia and can seek the help of recruitment companies for this.

For overseas candidates the best option to apply for jobs in Australia is through recruitment consultants. They are of great help as professionals who are new to the country are properly guided and their chances of getting selected also increases. There are various visa options for doctors who are interested to work in Australia. You can either go for a temporary or permanent visa. And as per the rules that have been laid down the general practitioners and the specialist doctors have got the right to apply for a visa to work in Australia if they have fulfilled certain conditions. That is, they are eligible for it if they have got their primary medical qualification in a country apart from Australia or might have got their medical degree within Australia itself but are not a permanent resident.

So, if you are looking for GP jobs in Australia you firstly need to be registered with the Medical Board in the State or Territory where you are thinking of practising. And once you have got the visa which authorizes your entry into the country the next thing is to apply to the Health Insurance Commission for a Medicare Provider Number. This is required if you will be working in general practice or are prescribing drugs to the patients.

And for the immigration purposes those doctors who are planning to become the permanent residents of the country have to compulsorily hold full medical registration. And if you do not want to become the permanent resident then you can opt for the temporary option. So, in case you do not have full medical registration done in Australia then you can be sponsored as a temporary resident till you get the full registration done.

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