Clinical Coding and Health Information Management Jobs in Australia

In Australia, Clinical Coders and HIM’s (Health Information Managers) are in high demand. Careers in this space can be developed in a couple of ways : first, through a graduate and post graduate course, such as the ones offered in Victorian and Queensland universities, or second, by developing the job skills by working at the medical records department and moving your way up through the ranks….or ideally a mix of the both.

In the current scenario, there are numerous clinical coding jobs in Australia in most of the states, including New South Wales and Western Australia. According to Career Medical Recruitment report, “there are currently many job vacancies for HIM graduates and managers in Victoria and Queensland – across both public and private hospitals.

Our HIM recruiters have also reported that there has a huge growth in the number of jobs vacancies for health information managers in Australia. The role of HIM professionals includes people or process responsibilities, or even a mix of both. Salaries in this space are highly competitive, and some of the big private hospitals pay above award rates for experienced Clinical Coders and HIM’s, who are willing to relocate interstate.

Careers in the HIM field have never looked brighter; so, if you are a newly trained graduate, an experienced Coder / HIM or even semi-retired HIM professional looking for a good opportunity, Career Medical Recruitment team can extensively help you find a good job.

We also have a good network of renowned and highly-experienced health information managers and clinical coders in Australia that are currently looking for new opportunities. So, likewise if you are an employer looking to have highly experienced staff on-board, you must contact Career Medical Recruitment ASAP.

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