Candidate engagement: Why is it important for an Organization?

In the current times, engaging your candidates is very much important in order to create a good impression. The reputation of the employer is very much important and hence the candidates coming in for the interview needs to be nicely dealt with. The reason being that, they are going to share their experiences with others post the interview. So, they would speak good things about the company only if they are treated well and given due importance.

So, once the recruitment consultants send in the candidates for interviews it is your responsibility as the employer to make them comfortable. Recruitment agencies send in people after thoroughly screening them. You just need to choose from the best. The remaining candidates are also equally eligible for the job so you can consider some for the future as well. The manpower of an organization is the main drivers and hence making the right selection and maintaining good relations with the candidates is really needed.

Tips for engaging your prospective employees
All of the candidates coming in for an interview are definitely your prospective employees. You are never sure who is going to ultimately join your organization. There might be some who will join immediately and a few in the future. This makes it important to engage the candidates well who apply for jobs in your organization. You can do it in the following ways.

  •  First impression: Candidates walking into your organization need to be treated well. They are also going to judge a company and see if it is suitable for them. People are only going to join your company if they find things as per their expectations. Always remember that they are also in a way choosing you as their ideal employer. It is very much important to create a great impression about the company in their minds.
  • Relationship building: Recruitment consultants screen candidates and send in the eligible ones for the final interview. Out of the lot you might be selecting one person but the rest are also equally good. Why lose them? Keep in touch with those candidates as they can be contacted for future needs.
  • Reason for job change: Speak to them about the main reason for changing job. You as their prospective employer should understand the main reasons for leaving their current company. Just see if your firm can provide them what they are looking for.
  • The Right Feedback: Candidates will value your feedback in case they are not selected for the specific job position. You can tell them the areas to improve.
  • Comfort Level: Nervousness is a common problem which candidates face during interviews. You need to help people feel comfortable so as to boost their confidence. This will help them in performing well during the interview.

So, one should not forget the fact that candidates are also selecting the right organization to work with. The employers equally need to impress the candidates so that they can join them. For this to happen, proper candidate engagement is the key.

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