The Questions on Soy

A stroll through almost any Australian grocery stores or pharmacy shows ample proof of the soybeans increasing role in the Aussie diet. Products such as tofu, soy milk, and soy- based infant formula are widely available. Australian consume 3 litres … Read More…


How much sleep is enough?

People are endlessly interested in finding out about the quality and length of their daily sleep pattern. But how much sleep is enough?   A large group percentage of people, especially the elderly worry that they sleep too little.

Young smiling doctor consoling patient sitting on wheel chair outdoor

The Intangible Cornerstone of Health Care That Most People Forget

There are always little something about doctor-patient relationships, some patients highly rely on their physicians while other patients don’t trust any doctors. Emotions, trust, and relationship are usually less emphasized in the medical workforce since they are rather intangible aspects of health care. … Read More…